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It Works!


I started fully and own the Phallosan Plus+ in addition to the Phallosan Forte. The items are, in my opinion, the only medically relevant penis extension system that you can buy on the entire market. The effectiveness is guaranteed and the comfort is extremely high! In addition, there is a professional and very nice service team!

In the beginning, the feeling of the pull on the penis was unusual, but never unpleasant. In the meantime, I didn’t want to miss the feeling, because I know that it is associated with correspondingly positive results. My penis was slightly crooked, after almost 3 months of using Phallosan Forte my penis is now almost straight. It is also a little longer, thicker, harder and more rigid. The sex life of my wife and me has definitely and very much increased! I can recommend it without reservation, even if the price is high… but quality in the medical field has its price!

PS: I am real and a real customer! I was not paid, coerced or forced by anyone to express this opinion! This expression of opinion arises solely from my pen and was written by me freely! I am in no connection with Swiss Sana or employees of this company! My opinion is independent and honest and reflects my (very positive) experiences with Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Plus+.

One last point for men who don’t know if the additional purchase of the Phallosan Plus+ extension still makes sense…. Yes, it makes a lot of sense! I also doubted before whether you need this additional gimmick. In the meantime, I am also fully convinced of it. The traction force acts even more directly on the penis shaft and the wearing comfort pleases me even better than through the pull straps.

PPS: I have never exactly measured the centimeters, even if the Phallosan app requires it. I personally did not like the app so much and I no longer use it. In addition, the measurements are always strongly dependent on the situation and fluctuate accordingly. I can only assure everyone that my penis has already visibly lengthened after just under 3 months of use…. I estimate by 2 cm.

Lucas Müller

A Few Experiences From Me


I bought the product seven months ago, primarily out of pure curiosity and experimentation. Well… and a little bigger always goes 😉 The high-quality workmanship is immediately noticeable when unpacking, the handling seems a bit cumbersome at first, but after two, three days it becomes routine. Especially when rolling over the condom which requires some care and practice not to damage it in the long run.

The protector caps I have only used in the acclimatization period. The initial size for me was: Normal condition: 11.5cm long and 8cm in circumference, erect it was 15.5cm and 13cm in circumference. The exact measurement in the millimeter range in my opinion is nonsense because the size already changed by a few millimeters due to the temperature. There are never always constant measuring conditions. Therefore all my values are rounded to “decimal point 5”.

I wore the Phallosan Forte the first two weeks, six days for 3 hours in the green range. Then 6 days a week for 9 hours in the yellow/red range, alternating left and right during work. (My better half did not know about it). I can confirm that Phallosan Forte is not visible on the outside of normal fitting jeans, a not too tight T-shirt over the pants is also advantageous. The first week my skin reacted a little because I was still clumsy in handling it. A little Bepanthen ointment in the evening helped.

After 13 weeks I wanted to take my first measurement but my girlfriend came to me with the question, whether it could be that “HE” has become larger and harder. The answer was only a smile and motivated by the question, I measured: (3 months) Normal condition: 13.5cm long and 9.5cm in circumference, erect it was 17.5cm and 14.5cm in circumference. Very good, two centimeters not only measurable but also noticeable.

Well…. seven months are over and I have achieved the following results with constant wearing: Normal condition: 15.5cm long and 10.5cm in circumference, erect it is now 19cm and 15.5cm in circumference. It’s an amazing result at the end, especially because you don’t notice the progress visually during the wearing time. For me, the goal has been reached and I am now happy not to wear it anymore.

The opinion, which is predominantly held by women, that size does not count but the technique does. This is mainly a statement to justify what you have. It’s also correct! But everyone thinks it, men as well as women. At home, now with almost 4cm more as well as in conversations in our predominantly female circle of friends, there are no counter-arguments.

Conclusion: Of course, everybody reacts differently to this training and results will always differ from case to case. But with disciplined use you can expect a good result. A short comment on the hotly debated price: The purchase seems quite expensive at first, but medically tested quality and results speak for themselves. With careful use and a little baby powder for the sleeve condoms, 6 months of use is quite possible with the basic equipment provided. I have used two mediums and towards the end the large sleeve condom. For longer use more of these can be reordered. The price of 19.90 euro for a sleeve condom is in my opinion quite sporty, even if it is medically tested.

Overall cost me about 63 euros per centimeter 😉 Clear recommendation! Thumbs up and thank you Phallosan Forte.

Sebastian Koch
Customer Feedback

Good Value For Money

Currently I have been using the Phallosan Forte for 27 days. My progress (11% longer, 7% wider) shows positive evidence for the product. I am using it for about 8 hours a day and at the beginning was a little tricky but after a few days was able to put it on really fast. Regarding the quality it’s a good product worth its money. Sexually I have never been more active and I can also last longer during the act.

Will report again if I make more progress and my experience with it. I am not an employee or relative or either friends with the company. It is purely out of my own interest and maybe a help for those who are about to make the decision to buy.

Matthias Lehmann

My Wife Was Surprised

I had a bend in my penis and no urologist could really help me. Most of them are all in the dark and say that there is not much they can do. But that is not true. The medications they gave me were not really helpful. My penis bent in the erect state about 35° upwards and additionally 15° to the right. Furthermore, my penis shrank because of the bend and I lost more than 3 cm because of it. I also found it difficult to sleep with my wife.

In desperation I came across Phallosan Forte and ordered the set. I was very skeptical at the start, because everyone always raises their product to the sky and desperate people are happy to pay money. When the Phallosan Forte arrived, I immediately tried it. It was really a bit awkward at first, but that got easier and easier the more I used it. I’ve been using the Phallosan for just under 4 weeks now and wear it for about 3.5-4 hours a day.

I haven’t taken measurements, but my penis looks longer and my bend has already improved too! The bend to the right is as good as gone and the bend upwards has also already become less. My wife was surprised and we could again do positions that were previously difficult. I am absolutely thrilled so far and hope that the progress continues. I will be using it for at least 6 months to ensure the results stay that way in the long run. It was a good investment, especially for men who have a bent penis. I can recommend Phallosan Forte as a fellow sufferer.

Andreas Weber

I Had A Real Show Stopper

Have had the penis enlarger for a while now. My member was 15 cm when erect with decent girth but just wanted to have more. My problem was that my best friend is a quick-change artist. That is, in the non-erect state, he is so small I was unable to put the sleeve condoms on. I tried to wear it in the erect state but as soon as he went flaccid it would slip out again, a real show stopper.

I experimented with supplements and *** now ensures that he has constantly better blood flow, so also thicker in the normal state. I could finally pack Him properly and also use the Phallosan Plus+ Stretcher, I now just started using. It’s progressing well but I need a larger diameter for the base… let’s see maybe someone from sales reads this and such a part will be offered soon. Also, putting on the Plus Stretcher is a bit awkward, one would have to design the part so that it can be unfolded. Wearing it is comfortable and sex is hornier if it was worn during the day.

Frederik Schubert

I Had Curvature From Prostate Surgery

I had to have my prostate removed in June 2019 and the surgery was successful and nerve sparing! Three quarters of a year later I had to deal with curvature which came from the surgery. To reduce the bend I ordered, after conducting internet research, Phallosan Forte incl. + Package, because it had received the best and also most credible assessments in my opinion.

The delivery came very quickly and was well packed. After about a week and about 6 – 8 hours of wearing time, putting on both versions was no longer a problem! A material defect on the Phallosan Forte+, which I reported by e-mail with a picture attachment, was replaced at short notice. At the current time, I can already report positive results regarding curvature reduction as well as increases in length and diameter! (Have not measured but you can see it!) I can only say “Good quality” costs a little more, but it’s worth it in that area!

Daniel Richter