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Peyronies Disease

Clinical results and peer reviewed research suggest that Phallosan Forte can work to counter the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. It is a state of the art penis extender that uses evidence based science to break down curvature causing plaque safely and comfortably. Unlike other systems, Phallosan Forte works through a combination of two different technologies: an orthopedic belt and a micro-vacuum. By simultaneously stimulating ligament growth and breaking down damaged tissue, the system has been proven to reduce penile curvature.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease, also called penile fibrosis, is a condition where scar tissue causes the penis to curve painfully during an erection. Repeated trauma to the penis is the most common cause of this scarring, either during sex or other physical activities, although there is no observable cause in some cases.

Peyronie’s disease will not resolve independently and may even worsen. However, studies show that early treatment can prevent the condition from worsening and may improve the effects of the scarring. Doctors typically prescribe surgery or subcutaneous injections to remove scar tissue and reduce curvature. Traction therapy, or stretching the penis, is another common treatment.

Phallosan Forte provides a practical and discreet alternative. Clinical studies have proven that our system can reduce curvature that Peyronie’s disease and other conditions may cause.

How Phallosan Forte Treats Peyronie’s Disease

Phallosan Forte uses a method similar to traction therapy to extend penis length and girth. However, there are several crucial differences. Traction therapy mechanically stretches the penis in the opposite direction of the curvature. Patients who suffer from Peyronie’s disease, where scar tissue can cause erection pain, often find traction devices uncomfortable and even painful.

Additionally, many traction therapy devices are bulky and must be used while unclothed. This reduces the amount of time you can treat yourself, which in turn reduces their effectiveness. Phallosan Forte’s design marries the efficacy of traction therapy with discretion and comfort. The result is a penis extension device you can use in public or even while asleep. Here are some benefits of our device:

  • Won’t cause discomfort or pain
  • Can be worn discreetly under clothing
  • Allergen-free materials
  • Won’t dislodge during an erection
  • Proven, evidence based results

For Peyronie’s disease patients, Phallosan Forte’s micro-vacuum system securely holds curved penises of all sizes. No matter how advanced your scarring is, you can use Phallosan Forte to correct the curvature and its other side effects effectively and safely.

Clinical Study

In 2005, a team of German urologists conducted a clinical trial of Phallosan Forte in 24 men of all ages and penis sizes. In the study, the participants used Phallosan Forte between two and eight hours a day for six months. The urologists checked the participants three times: at the start of the study, after three months, and again after six months. Urologists measured the length and girth of the participant’s flaccid and erect penises during each check-up. They also asked participants to report their satisfaction with Phallosan Forte and any changes to erections and sexual pleasure.

The study found that Phallosan Forte produced a statistically significant increase in penis size after just three months. The study also found that patients who used the device for six months saw additional growth at a higher rate. Other key findings of the clinical research include the following:

  • Just over half of patients reported that Phallosan Forte had increased their erection strength
  • Nearly half of the patients felt an increase in their libido
  • No patients reported a decrease in erection length, with a quarter reporting a longer erection instead
  • 22 of the 24 patients in the trial were satisfied with Phallosan Forte’s performance
  • One patient with penile curvature has seen a significant reduction

Curvature Reduction with Phallosan Forte

While doing preliminary assessments for the 2005 clinical trial, urologists noted that one patient had a curve in his penis of 60 degrees while erect. This discovery allowed urologists to measure Phallosan Forte’s effectiveness in reducing penis curvature as well as increasing size and girth.

After six months, Phallosan Forte reduced the patient’s curvature by 20 degrees. Although no other patients in the trial had curved penises, this finding is a good sign for those suffering from Peyronie’s disease. It suggests that Phallosan Forte can correct the conditions painful curvature.

Other studies confirm the benefits of micro-vacuum traction for treating Peyronie’s. A 2008 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine followed 11 men diagnosed with Peyronie’s. At the start of this trial, doctors measured curvature between 30 and 85 degrees. After six months of traction therapy, the traction device reduced this angle by 33% on average. The study also found that a traction device caused a girth increase that reduced “areas of indentation of narrowing” caused by Peyronie’s, resulting in a more evenly wide penis.

Our 2005 clinical trial and this 2008 study found that patients who used the traction device for six months saw the best results, with a recommended time per day between two and eight hours.

More recently, a 2021 review of published literature about traction devices found they were a “valid treatment option” for Peyronie’s. A similar review from 2019 examined both traction and vacuum devices, finding that both had benefits when used regularly to treat the curvature and scarring the condition causes.

The science shows that Phallosan Forte effectively treats curved penises caused by Peyronie’s and other conditions.

How Phallosan Forte Counteracts Peyronie’s Disease

Its unique combination of multiple treatment methodologies is at the core of Phallosan Forte’s effectiveness at reducing curvature. Unlike traditional traction devices, Phallosan Forte does not physically bend the penis. Instead, it uses a vacuum pump system connected to an orthopedic belt. These two systems work together to gently stretch the penis while exerting a comfortable amount of pressure on it.

The continual stretching corrects unwanted curvature while the constant pressure breaks down scar tissue by stimulating new tissue and muscle growth. This new healthy tissue allows Phallosan Forte to counteract the root cause of the problem. A clinical trial was conducted in 2015 with four men who verified our product’s effectiveness in treating curvature. You may download an extract from the published Journal of Sexual Medicine results on this page.

Phallosan Forte also increases the girth of flaccid and erect penises. This can be especially useful for those with Peyronie’s, who often suffer from indentations caused by the conditions scar tissue. Phallosan Forte’s combination of traction and stretching increases overall girth and can help grow the underlying tissue in these indentations. The result is a noticeably straighter, more evenly wide penis.

Peyronies Doctor

Attaching the Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is simple to use. The system includes an orthopedic elastic belt that straps around the waist and connects to a suction bell and condom sleeve. When you first use the system, you should attach the included foam rubber protector cap to the head of your penis. This reduces strain on your glans until your body adapts during the first few weeks of traction. Once your penis is used to the pressure of Phallosan Forte, you may safely stop using the cap.

The first step to using Phallosan Forte is to insert your penis into the unbreakable glass suction bell. Next, unroll the silicone sleeve and ensure it covers your penis to the base. The video user guide on our product page illustrates these steps for your convenience. Once you have put on the suction bell, it’s time to connect it to the stretchable belt. Insert your sheathed penis into the ring at the end of the belt. Make sure the ring goes all the way down to the base of your penis.

After the belt is in place, you can attach the suction ball and tension clip and set them to the desired pressure. You are welcome to adjust the pressure to whatever is comfortable. Many patients start on the lowest setting and slowly work up to a more pressurized system to maximize their results.

Phallosan Forte’s belt system will keep your penis comfortably and securely in place against your body while the suction bell does its work. This prevents slippage or embarrassment when you use the device in public and securely holds your penis, whether flaccid or erect.

All elements of Phallosan Forte are non-allergenic, meaning prolonged use won’t cause irritated skin in sensitive areas. Even patients who wore the system 12 hours a day for six months reported no problems with comfort or irritation.

Treatment Length for Curvature Reduction

Our 2005 study found that most patients saw significant changes to their penis after three months of continuous use. However, the study also found that a six-month treatment period increased penis size and girth even more effectively. Six months of constant usage also treats other side effects of Peyronie’s, such as unstable erections and indentations in erect penises.

The 2008 study made similar findings about the effectiveness of vacuum traction in reducing the curvature of affected penises. After patients wore the device for six months, there was a significant reduction in the angle of deviation caused by Peyronie’s.

Regarding time per day, we notice that patients who wear Phallosan Forte for more than six hours daily notice the best results. Since traction therapy works better the longer you do it, this isn’t a surprise. More time using the device means more stretching.

Based on the results of clinical trials, we recommend users wear the system for six to eight hours a day, although it remains safe up to 12 hours a day. If wearing it during the day is inconvenient, you can use the system while sleeping.

Treat Peyronie’s Disease with Phallosan Forte

The main symptom of Peyronie’s is scarring that leads to a marked curvature in the penis during erection. This curvature can cause pain and may lower libido, resulting in shorter and less powerful erections and a loss of pleasure during sex. Phallosan Forte can improve outcomes in all these areas of concern. The system has been tested by clinical trials and has proven to be an effective way to increase erection duration and strength and may increase penis sensitivity for some men.

The bottom line is that Phallosan Forte is a safe, discreet treatment for Peyronie’s disease. If you’re suffering from unwanted penis curvature, indentions or “hinged” erections, penile pain, erectile dysfunction or other symptoms of this condition, don’t wait. Try Phallosan Forte today.