Phallosan Results

Phallosan Results

The Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system features the unique distinction of having been tested by a German urological clinic. One of the most prestigious medical journals, “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” even published Phallosan’s results in 2006. In addition, numerous satisfied customers have responded with details regarding their own successful Phallosan results.

Phallosan Results from the Clinic

Dr. Sohn, a chief physician for the Urological Clinic at the Markus Hospital in Frankfurt, commissioned an official study to determine whether Phallosan works. Along with testing for penis length and girth increases, the clinic assessed the device’s ability to treat medical conditions such as Peyronies disease and penile shortening due to urological surgery.

By testing the device according to the amount of time worn, the medical facility was able to verify Phallosan’s results are enhanced when users wear the device for longer periods. The number of months men wear our penile extender also makes a difference.

* To complete the study, the clinic tested 24 men who ranged from 20 years old to 68 years old. During the test, the medical staff measured erect penises. Measurements were taken at the beginning of the study, after four months had passed and at the conclusion (six months). Patients recorded a significant improvement in length after the three month period and the average of all test patients had increased. After six months of use the average gains of the 24 test patients had once again increased.

* The clinic’s staff also measured the size of each participant’s flaccid penis. Measurements were taken at the beginning, after three months and at the conclusion of the study. After participants had used our penis stretching device for three months the average flaccid length recorded by doctors had a pronounced increase. Once study participants used our penis extender for six months, they saw additional results. The average of test patients was recorded and had once again increased from the figure recorded at the three month period.

* During the Phallosan results study, the clinic decided to assess girth. When the test started, measurements where taken and then at three month intervals until the conclusion. The average penile girth of all test patients once again showed a sizable increase when results were recorded after 3 months. Once participants had used our device for six months, doctors once again recorded a higher average girth than was recorded after 3 months.

* When assessing totals, the clinic found that the overall average for penile length and girth had a distinguishable increase after 3 months. This was the case for both flaccid and erect penises. Once participants passed the six month mark once again the average result for length and girth had risen from the figures which were recorded at the three month mark.

* Every patient in the test experienced growth in length and girth. However, the extensiveness of Phallosan’s results depended on how long they wore the device. Men who wore it for 10 hours a day saw the most growth.

The clinical study clearly shows Phallosan’s results are positive. Men who wear our device frequently and consistently are able to increase the length and girth of their penises. The clinic also confirmed Phallosan has a high level of patient satisfaction by bringing the participants back 12 months after the study and recorded their feedback.

Clinical Study

Results for Those with Medical Conditions

In addition to testing those who wanted larger penises, the study also included men who were having trouble performing sexually following prostate surgery and those with diabetes. One man who suffered from induration penis plastica, which is a condition involving curvature of the penis, was also a participant.

Patients verified that after wearing Phallosan, their penises were more sensitive. They also experienced harder erections. After using the device over an extended period of time, several prostate surgery patients confirmed that they were able to abstain from prescription medications for erections without losing the quality of their erections. Phallosan’s results for diabetics were also positive. After using the extender, they reported harder erections and more sensation.

The patient who suffered from induration penis plastica saw a significant decrease in penile curvature and was extremely happy with the end result.

According to the German urology clinic, each penis measurement was taken by one of the medical facility’s urologists with witnesses present to confirm Phallosan’s results.

What Wearers Have to Say

Patients have been quick to confirm the device’s comfort. This is a major factor since longtime wear greatly improves Phallosan’s results. Product users have reported they are able to wear our device continuously for 10 or more hours each day.

According to one user, the device even helped soften scarring that he received following an accident that required a skin graft. He reported that our device is helping to facilitate a future surgery and that the flexibility of the device allows users to wear it in nonconventional ways according to their needs.

Another wearer stated that he wore Phallosan while sleeping, spending time with friends and even when he was physically active. He confirmed that it doesn’t constrict blood flow nor does it cause pain if a spontaneous erection occurs.

One reviewer noted that as his penis grew in length and width, his sex drive also increased. He suspected that this particular result was likely due to seeing the size increase, so he related it to a better mental state, but he appreciated the effect regardless of the reason.

Along with the clinical trial proving the lengthening and widening effects of our penis extender, numerous customer testimonials have verified it as well. One user reported that his penis length had a significant improvement after wearing the device. Another user reported a large gain in girth while a third confirmed that his penile curvature had reduced to such a degree he was able to engage in sexual intercourse again.


A Penis Extender that Works

With continuous wear, Phallosan can make your penis longer, wider and straighter. Customer testimonials verifying Phallosan’s results combined with the German urology clinic’s findings are sure to give you peace of mind regarding the product’s claims and effectiveness.