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Clinical Studies

Following the launch of Phallosan Forte in 1999, a German urological healthcare facility completed a clinical study (details below) on our penis enlargement system. They did so to see if Phallosan could make a substantial change in the length of a penis. The results of the study were positive and encouraging.

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A Few Details

For the study, the clinic initially selected 26 patients interested in participating. The youngest participant was 20 years old, while the oldest was 68. Two of the initial participants dropped out of the study. Because these two did not establish the original baseline measurements, the study team removed their results from the analysis, which brought the participant number down to 24. In addition to assessing size changes, the study team also reviewed erection, sexual satisfaction and sensitivity variations.

Increases in Length

While the clinical study found other benefits to using Phallosan, the study’s original purpose was to assess if and by how much our penis enlarger could lengthen a penis. Two measurements were taken to determine the device’s effectiveness in this category. The research team took flaccid penis measurements at the beginning of the study after participants used the device for three months and once they’d used it for six months. After three months, the average flaccid length showed a marked increase from the results recorded at the beginning of the trial. Once the study reached its conclusion at six months, researchers recorded significantly higher figures than those measured at the three month mark. *

Upon completing the study, the research staff determined that the penis length of the participants increased more during the second three months than they had in the first three months. *

To study Phallosan Forte more thoroughly, Dr. Sohn also decided to measure the length of the penises when they were erect. His staff followed the same testing routine. The penises were measured at the beginning of the study, after three months and once six months had passed. After wearing our extender for three months the average erect length of the 24 test patients was noticeably higher than the results recorded by doctors at the beginning of the trial. Once six months had passed, researchers noticed the average erect length was once again higher than the result recorded at the three month mark. *

As with the flaccid penis measurement, erect penises experienced more growth during the last three months of the study.

Increases in Girth

The research staff also assessed penis girth. They took the first measurement at the start of the study and recorded the second one after the participants had used Phallosan Forte for three months. The last measurement was taken at the six-month mark. The average girth of the test patients after three months was significantly higher than the result measured at the start of the trial. Once the participants had used Phallosan for six months, the average girth recorded for all test patients was again higher than the figure recorded by doctors after three months. *

One noticeable point from the girth study was the growth experienced in the width category. This is particularly encouraging as gains made by the patient are evenly distributed throughout the entire penis, and results at the end are a proportional increase in size.

Correcting Curvature

When the study began, the research staff discovered that one participant had a curved penis, so they decided to analyse Phallosan’s straightening abilities. At the beginning of the study, this participant’s penis had significant curvature. After using our penis extender for six months, the curvature had noticeably decreased. *

Daily Wear Time

The research team tracked the amount of time that the participants wore Phallosan. They found that the least amount of time worn was two hours a day. The maximum amount of time came to 10 hours a day, so on average, the study’s participants wore the penis extender for six hours each day to obtain the recorded results.

Changes in Performance

To determine whether Phallosan Forte could bring about performance changes, the clinical study’s researchers asked participants about the quality of their erections, ejaculations and sensitivity. The study also assessed libido and changes in satisfaction. For erection behaviour, the results were about equal. Eleven participants reported that their erections were the same, while 13 confirmed that they were experiencing better erections after wearing our device. *

Researchers also quizzed the men about the duration of their erections. Eighteen said their duration was the same, but six of the participants stated that their erections lasted longer. For erection hardness, the results were exactly equal. Twelve reported that their hardness levels were the same, while 12 said they were experiencing stronger erections. *

The study included an assessment of the participant’s ejaculations. According to the 24 men who took part in the study, five confirmed that their ejaculations were happening later than before they started using the penis extender. Nineteen of the study’s participants reported that theirs remained unchanged. *

When the research staff asked the participants about sensitivity, ten reported increased sensitivity. Thirteen of them stated that their sensitivity was the same, and one participant confirmed that his member was less sensitive. *

For libido, the results were about equal. Eleven participants reported that their libido was better than before they started using the extender. Thirteen of the men stated that theirs was about the same. *

When it came to satisfaction, 22 of the participants confirmed that they were experiencing greater satisfaction while two stated that their satisfaction levels were unchanged. *

Sharing the News

In 2006, The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported the findings of the urological clinic. The article segment focused on the study’s lengthening results. According to the publication, with continuous use, men can augment the size of their penis by wearing the extender for six months or more.

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