Peter White

Dr Peter White

Dr Peter White has over ten years experience treating patients in his practice, using non-invasive orthopedic medical devices to improve confidence and quality of life.

My name is Peter White. I have successfully treated numerous conditions, including Peyronie’s disease, side effects from urological surgery, and male enhancement. Over the years, I have formed personal relationships with many patients and am more than happy to provide a free consultation regarding the options for your condition.

I want to share a story about a patient which I hope will inspire you. I will keep his name anonymous for the sake of confidentiality. So, this patient came into my office looking very dejected, as many urologists had told him there was nothing they could do for him due to the extent of his penile curvature.

He explained he had double curvature, in the middle of his shaft and another near the head. He refused a physical examination. I discussed a program for him, and as I was talking, he was looking at me with skepticism. Nevertheless, he decided to try it, and after a few months he contacted me and was amazingly surprised. Not only had a large part of his curvature disappeared, but he sounded like a new man.

The patient contacted myself at the conclusion of his program, and not only had the majority of his curvature disappeared, but he also regained the confidence to go back into the bedroom!

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Dr Peter White

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