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Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is a controversial topic among men. According to reports, almost half want their penis to be longer, wider or both. When a man believes his penis size is lacking, he may experience problems with his confidence. This could result in relationship problems or other mental health issues. Once you understand the technology behind our system, you’ll see how our solution to this issue can work for you. Phallosan Forte is an effective device that you can wear discreetly to steadily increase the length and girth of your penis over six months or more.

How Penis Enlargement Works

When you put pressure or tension on a body part, the area forms new tissue. The medical community refers to this as cellular division, a fundamental process involving one cell dividing into two or even more cells.

Lengthening a penis involves stretching it out slowly over time to create a size increase. Besides helping those who are just unhappy with their penis size, penis extenders also effectively treat those with micropenis.

The best enlargement solutions increase the length of a man’s penis when it is relaxed or erect. Those who believe their penis size is lacking when it’s in its flaccid state may feel embarrassed around other men in the locker room. Men dissatisfied with their erect penis size may have concerns that they won’t be able to satisfy a sexual partner. These individuals may worry that they won’t have a regular or healthy sex life.

Penis Enlargement Tools

Medical penis enlarger devices are the only way to see a difference in the size and girth of your penis without surgery. While enlargement pills and tonics are available, these products may contain unregulated supplemental ingredients. If you use an unregulated supplement, you could experience adverse side effects.

Phallosan Forte features a comfortable design. It comes with a belt that is a part of the extender system that creates tension on your penis. The pressure stimulates the cells in the penis, which causes them to multiply. This increases the length and girth of your penis.

To use the Phallosan Forte system, place your penis into the penis enlargement system’s foam ring. Next, wrap the belt around your waist. The last step is to connect the bell piece to the system’s fastener. You’ll find this on the end of the belt. The system’s design makes it comfortable to wear.

You can wear the system for as long as nine hours without problems. As long as you connect the system correctly, you can wear it without experiencing any discomfort or pain. In fact, you might even forget that it’s there.

What Makes Phallosan Forte Unique?

Many devices on the market are promoted as penis enlarger systems. However, selecting a quality system with the technology to deliver confirmed results is essential.

As a penis enlargement system, Phallosan Forte has been proven to lengthen and widen a penis when used appropriately. Medical studies at known and dependable institutions worldwide confirm that the system’s penis-extending results are authentic.

Phallosan Forte Bigger Penis

How Phallosan Enlarges Penises

To increase the length of a man’s penis, the Phallosan Forte system uses the medical principle of traction. Today, medical professionals often use the process of body pressure or tension for skin transplants. An example is when a doctor stretches skin tissue temporarily to encourage the body to develop extra skin that they can use for a transplant.

Some medical specialists also increase the length of people’s legs using a similar stretching process. Orthopedic doctors have extended leg length for more than two decades using stretching techniques. When doctors grow the size of a person’s legs, the process causes the body to develop more muscle and connective tissue.

Limb lengthening is more invasive than penis extension since it involves cutting bone, but the process works without damaging nerves or blood vessels. The Phallosan Forte penis extender lengthens men’s penises using a similar technique. Further reading on the results penis extenders provide can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Men with Peyronie’s disease who experience pain from penile curvature will also find relief after using a penis enlargement system. Phallosan Forte works because it puts constant tension on the penis, breaking down any scar tissue that the disease may have caused.

Penis traction therapy (or PTT) is one of the best options that you can choose today since it is safe and noninvasive. Urologists typically advise surgery as the last option because cutting into the penis has side effects, potentially resulting in a long recovery. Phallosan Forte can remove penile curvature without the need for surgery.

The Phallosan Forte system uses slight pressure to create small tears in the penis shaft. This makes the body produce new tissue, which increases the length of your penis. Since the process is slow and consistent, it won’t cause pain or significant discomfort.

What You Need to Know About Using Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte comes with an adjustable tension gauge. This means you get to decide how much tension is comfortable for you. The device features an advanced traffic light system that shows you how much pressure you’re using with an easy colour grid.

The lower part of the green section applies from 400g to 1.1kg of pressure, while the yellow section places from 1.1kg to 2kg of pressure against your penis. The red section puts 2kg to 3kg of pressure on the penis. It’s easy to want to use a high amount of pressure right from the start since you won’t experience pain but resist the urge. Phallosan Forte produces the best results with steady pressure over time.

Penis enlargement is not achieved by high amounts of tension. When you use the Phallosan Forte extender, begin with a low amount of pressure at the green level. This will give your body time to adapt. After a week or two of usage, you can increase the tension.

How Much Growth Can You Expect?

One of the most important things to consider when investing in Phallosan Forte is if it has successfully increased the length and width of other men’s penises. Has the product been tested?

After Phallosan Forte became available in 1999, a urology clinic in Germany performed a study on its effectiveness. The study’s results were positive for those seeking a penis extension. The investigation began with 26 patients, with the oldest participant being 68 years old and the youngest being 20 years old. Two men dropped out of the study. Because of this, their results were not included in the assessment.

The urology clinic’s study determined many benefits for those who use Phallosan Forte. However, the study’s primary purpose was to assess penis enlargement, sensitivity, sexual satisfaction and erection quality following the use of the device.

The team measured each participant’s penis when it was in a flaccid state at the start of the study. They took additional measurements after each participant had used the penis extender for three months and after using it for six months. At three months, the average penis length increased. The study determined that the average penis length increased even more after six months of use. Measurements were also taken of the participants’ erect penises. The research team confirmed more size in the penises when they were erect, too.

For penis enlargement, we recommend users of Phallosan Forte use the system for at least six months to achieve the best results. While the growth amount will vary from person to person, those who use the system generally see a noticeable change in their erect and flaccid penis size.

Doctors Clinical Study

More Benefits

Along with increasing the size of a man’s penis and reducing penile curvature, Phallosan can also help men following prostate or bladder surgery. In some cases, a scar may cause the surrounding skin to shrink or result in penis retraction. Phallosan is a noninvasive way to prevent shrinking and reverse the retraction.

If you need surgery, the best time to use Phallosan Forte is directly following it. If you cannot use it right away and wind up experiencing penis shortening, Phallosan can still help you offset the diminished size.

As men age, many of them begin to experience erectile dysfunction. Those who have this happen to them may develop low self-esteem and feel their wellbeing is at risk. There are many reasons why erectile dysfunction develops, ranging from mental issues to physical ailments.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction should speak to a doctor, but if a medical professional cannot pinpoint the exact cause, then Phallosan may be able to help. The device increases sensitivity and blood circulation. It also causes more rigid erections and enhanced libido.

Make a Change

Men who believe that the size of their penis is insufficient may achieve their desire to increase its length and width by using Phallosan Forte regularly. While it might be tempting to purchase a pill or a cream that claims to give you more penis length, these products may not be regulated, so you could risk your health. Pills are not able to increase penis size.

Surgery can increase the size of your penis, but every surgery comes with risks and recovery time. You may also not be satisfied with the results surgery provides, as there is a 100% chance of penile shortening.

Those who use the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system as directed will experience an increase in the size of their penis without the adverse effects of taking a pill or undergoing surgery. Penis enlarger systems like Phallosan work with gradual progress. This means that the growth process won’t be painful. Also, the changes you see will occur in a way that keeps you comfortable.

Along with increasing the size of your penis, Phallosan Forte offers added benefits like reducing penile curvature or increasing blood flow for men who have erectile dysfunction.

Since Phallosan features a discreet design, you can easily reach your penis growth goals using the system. You can wear the device anytime and while doing almost anything. Discover how Phallosan Forte can help you.