Frequently Asked Questions
We often receive similar questions about Phallosan Forte, how it works, how to use it, etc. Below you will find a list of some of the most common questions but if you find we still haven’t answered your query then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can talk with us via telephone, email or the live chat button on our website.

Is shipping discreet?

Yes. Due to the nature of the product we understand you will most likely not want other people to know the contents of what you have ordered. Your confidentially is of utmost importance to us and all orders are packaged in a plain white box. There is no writing or image on the packaging which would suggest what the contents are.

What are the typical gains I can expect?

Our programme recommends the device be used for a minimum of 6 months. Although results can vary from person to person patients experience a significant and noticeable difference in both erection and flaccidity. Results for penile curvature can vary depending on the severity of the condition but in mild cases patients can expect to have the most success.

Does Phallosan Forte also increase the width/girth of my penis?

Yes. During the clinical study of Phallosan conducted in Germany doctors confirmed both penile length and girth are increased by the use of our device. Penis extenders create a proportional increase in your member because they stimulate the growth of new cells throughout the whole of your penis.

Can Phallosan help in cases of penile curvature or Peyronies disease?

Yes. One participant of the clinical trial in Germany had penile curvature and at the conclusion of the study there was a significant reduction of his condition. Peyronies disease is caused by scarring and use of our device helps to break this down and generate new healthy cells. In mild cases it is quite common to see a pronounced recovery.

Can I use Phallosan while I am sleeping?

Yes. Traditional penile extenders will fall off at night due to movement and nightly erections. Due to the unique design of Phallosan Forte it can easily be worn during sleep because it is worn to the side and allows for movement. Erections in the night or morning are not an issue either because our device simply expands with the size of your penis.

What is the recommended usage time of Phallosan?

The longer you wear our device the faster you will achieve results. During the first week we suggest you familiarise yourself and wear it for 4 hours per day. As you grow with confidence you can build yourself up to the recommended 10 hours per day. This can be broken up depending on your routine so you may for example do a few hours in the morning, then some more in the evening and the rest at night while you are sleeping. For best results it is recommended to use Phallosan Forte for 6 to 8 months.

Will the Glans of the penis enlarge as well?

Yes. Because of the unique way Phallosan is designed it applies tension to the entire penis, including the head, while it is worn. This will stimulate the growth of new tissue throughout the whole penis and ensures a proportional growth.

Is there a telephone number for support if I have any problems?

We provide 6 months free medical support with our package so if you are experiencing any difficulties simply contact us on 1300 935 470 and one of our friendly consultants will be happy to help you.

Are there any side effects from using Phallosan?

No, as long as it is used according to the instructions. Our product will not cause sexual impotence or affect erections and in fact you will find that it will produce improved blood circulation which will result in better erection quality. Many patients report an increase in sex drive from the use of our device.

Does the penis have to be a minimum size to use the device?

Phallosan Forte is designed to fit men of any size. The micro-vacuum that is created will securely hold even small penises without any pain caused by the pressure.

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