Some of the Common Applications – Phallosan Forte

Medical Applications

While Phallosan Forte was initially developed to increase size, our penis enlargement device can also be used for correcting penile curvature and treating side effects from urological surgery. Backed by a clinical study from an independent organisation, medical research and thousands of customers it has become a medical innovation with numerous applications in penile health.

Using Phallosan Forte for Penis Enlargement

Not only can Phallosan increase the length of your penis, but it will also enlarge your girth. To deliver these results, our penile extender uses the medical principle known as traction. Plastic surgeons use traction for skin grafts and for patients who need to regenerate tissue. It is also the same technique African and Amazonian tribes use when they stretch body parts like ear lobes, necks and lips. To obtain the desired results, tribespeople manipulate the body part size and shape with prosthetics and weights.

This medical principle is also effective for increasing the length and girth of your penis. Because Phallosan Forte applies a continuous traction-type force on this body part, growth of the suspensory ligament and penile tissues is stimulated. Studies show growth is consistent regardless of your age, heritage or initial penis size.

To increase the size of your penis, the Phallosan Forte system uses vacuum technology. This method elongates your member gradually for your safety. It has been proven in a medical trial with 24 participants that gains are directly proportional to the amount of time which Phallosan is worn. The manufacturer has developed Phallosan for comfort, so you can easily wear it for many hours to achieve the results you want.

An independent research team completed a clinical study of Phallosan Forte. The study determined that if used according to the directions our device can make your penis thicker and longer. Results were shown to be positive as test subjects were reevaluated after 12 months and all showed high levels of satisfaction.

Phallosan Forte

Correcting Innate Curvature or Peyronies Disease

As sufferers are aware penile curvature may mean the penis does not function properly. The condition may even be painful. When a penis has significant curvature, it is referred to as an incurvate penis. It can cause problems for you or your partner and make intercourse difficult or impossible.

An innate incurvate penis happens to male babies when they are still in utero. In most cases, hormonal fluctuations cause the curvature because the variations make the tissue form asymmetrically and the member’s three cavernous bodies grow to dissimilar sizes. Men who have an innate incurvate penis may suffer from a foreshortened urethra as well.

An acquired incurvate penis, which is also known as Induratio Penis Plastica (IPP) or Peyronies disease usually occurs gradually, but in some cases, can develop quickly. The first sign of this condition is a pain when the penis is erect. IPP often causes the penis shaft to form an upward curve. An hourglass shape or indentation is the other most common sign you have Peyronies disease. The condition affects 3 to 7 percent of men, but those with diabetes are more likely to suffer from it. When Peyronies disease prevents a man from enjoying normal sexual activity, it can decrease his overall quality of life by impacting his self-esteem and personal relationships.

Peyronies Disease

Surgery is the last resort for sufferers of Peyronies disease because the risks outweigh the benefits. Surgery can damage the fragile structure of the penis, which may cause functioning problems. There is a 100% chance of penile shortening and you will need to abstain from intercourse for a number of months. Doctors normally do not initially recommend this form of treatment because there are less invasive methods such as Phallosan.

Peyronies disease can develop when the penis is seriously hurt or during rough intercourse. The bend in the penis is caused by plaque or scar tissue that forms inside the penis during the healing process. In order to remedy this Phallosan Forte applies a traction force. The device’s vacuum creates a continuous pull that breaks down the scar tissue and helps to create new healthy cells. The result over a period of time is the removal of curvature.

In 2015 a clinical study was conducted to establish the effectiveness of Phallosan Forte as a treatment for Peyronies disease. The study consisted of 4 patients with acute cases of curvature ranging from 30 degrees to 80 degrees. In 2017 the Journal of Sexual Medicine published the results of the trial (Vol 14, Issue 4) and concluded the use of Phallosan Forte significantly contributed to reducing penile curvature. An extract of the journal entry is available below.

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Click to download an extract of the Journal of Sexual Medicine Report

Using Phallosan as a Postoperative Treatment Following Prostate Surgery

While necessary, prostate surgery will result in penile shortening and a decrease or loss of sexual function. Scarring causes penile shortening because the healed skin contracts over time. Since prostate surgery may involve removing nerves that are near it, some men may have trouble achieving an erection following the procedure. Even if the doctor is able to preserve these nerves, it takes a few weeks or several months for the penis to be able to become erect again. After prostate surgery, the cavernous body, which is one of the columns that hold blood when the penis is erect, must be trained to avoid losing sexual function.

Today, doctors are beginning to recommend penile traction therapy as a form of treatment because devices such as Phallosan Forte increase regular circulation in the penis. This can prevent the loss of function. It also stops your penis from retracting up into your body following prostate surgery. Those who have had this surgery can very easily rehabilitate their member to its former state by being proactive with their follow-up treatment. This means wearing Phallosan for a minimum of 6 hours a day. Our device is completely safe for daily use, and if used consistently for six months or more, will remedy this condition.

Prostate Surgery

Correct Multiple Problems

The Phallosan penis extender will give you a longer penis with more girth. It also straightens incurvate penises and helps men avoid the medical complications that can develop following prostate surgery.

Our device has several other medical applications so if your doctor has recommended penile traction therapy as a form of treatment for your condition you are welcome to contact us and one of our medical specialists can advise you whether Phallosan Forte is suitable.