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Bondimedical is an official reseller of the Phallosan Forte penis extender. The company aims to provide quality products to those who need them. Orbisan Ltd manufactures Phallosan. The company has 20 years of experience developing orthopedic elongation systems. These systems use vacuum technology. Orbisan’s knowledge on how to extend the length of a penis resulted in the Phallosan forte.

Phallosan forte is a worldwide product. It is a patented orthopedic belt system that features advanced vacuum protection technology. The system works by stimulating the penis tissue, which causes it to develop new cells. The system is comfortable to wear, and this makes it easier and more likely for a man to wear it for extended periods.

Phallosan forte penis extenders have received certification confirming them as medical devices. These devices deliver results. To offer the product to more men worldwide, Orbisan partners with different resellers. Orbisan manufactures the extender according to the European health authority’s medical standards. It also has the CE symbol. This symbol confirms that the product meets the proper health and safety requirements.

Why did Bondimedical decide to partner with Phallosan and become a certified reseller? Bondimedical saw the benefits of working with a company that makes a quality product.

Health and Safety Information

In the penis enlargement market, many products, such as pills, do not need regulation. Companies can sell unregulated products as a natural way to increase penis size. This can be harmful to men who experience a negative reaction to one or more of the substances used to make them. The market also features penis pumps with poor designs and extenders that fail to do what they claim. These products are unable to give men the results that they expect or need.

The Phallosan forte system offered by Bondimedical is unique. It is unique because medical professionals recommend it for certain health conditions. For instance, it can work to prevent some of the side effects that occur after urological surgery. It can also correct curvature of the penis and Peyronie’s Disease.

A German urological clinic conducted a study in 2005. The study was set up to determine the effectiveness of Phallosan. Professor Dr. Sohn oversaw the study. Dr. Hanikel was the medical professional who collected and assessed the data. The study found that all participants experienced an increase in penis size. The men also reported that they could wear the penis extender comfortably for many hours.

Several patients confirmed that they experienced more sensitivity and hardness. Also, they experienced these benefits without the inconvenience of premature ejaculation. Men who had gone through prostate surgery were able to have sex without additional stimulants. Diabetics also confirmed positive results after using Phallosan. Also, one participant with an incurvate penis saw a decrease in the curve angle. It shifted from a 60% curve to a 40% one after using the device for three months.

ISO Quality Standards

There are many reasons why Bondimedical is an official Phallosan forte reseller. We believe in selling consumers effective products that come with ISO quality certification. Orbisan has ISO9001-2008 certification as well as its 13485:2003 certification. The ISO9001-2008 certification lets Orbisan manufacture uniform products while preserving the highest standards. With this accreditation, companies receive direction. They receive this through the process of establishing quality control methods. That way, they can ensure that consumers receive the best penis extender available.

Phallosan forte is a confirmed medical device. It features manufacturing methods that have been strictly vetted. The company has been developing the device for more than a decade. The only side effects of using the extender are that some wearers may experience a small bit of soreness. They do this by using too much tension to achieve faster results. This is unnecessary since the unit works with consistent use over time. Wearers may also experience discomfort if they fail to use the system’s protector cap. The cap protects the glans, preventing reddening. Those who use a high level of tension may suffer from swelling of the glans. The swelling is usually temporary.

A Patented System

Bondimedical resells patented products like Phallosan. Orbisan developed an innovative product with quality manufacturing. For protection, the company obtained the proper patents. Trademarks permit the company to be the sole manufacturer of this type of extender. The Phallosan forte system offers confirmed results based on medical evidence.

Bondimedical – Advanced Medicine, Trusted Care.

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National Manager – About Me