My Wife Was Surprised

I had a bend in my penis and no urologist could really help me. Most of them are all in the dark and say that there is not much they can do. But that is not true. The medications they gave me were not really helpful. My penis bent in the erect state about 35° upwards and additionally 15° to the right. Furthermore, my penis shrank because of the bend and I lost more than 3 cm because of it. I also found it difficult to sleep with my wife.

In desperation I came across Phallosan Forte and ordered the set. I was very skeptical at the start, because everyone always raises their product to the sky and desperate people are happy to pay money. When the Phallosan Forte arrived, I immediately tried it. It was really a bit awkward at first, but that got easier and easier the more I used it. I’ve been using the Phallosan for just under 4 weeks now and wear it for about 3.5-4 hours a day.

I haven’t taken measurements, but my penis looks longer and my bend has already improved too! The bend to the right is as good as gone and the bend upwards has also already become less. My wife was surprised and we could again do positions that were previously difficult. I am absolutely thrilled so far and hope that the progress continues. I will be using it for at least 6 months to ensure the results stay that way in the long run. It was a good investment, especially for men who have a bent penis. I can recommend Phallosan Forte as a fellow sufferer.

Andreas Weber
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