I Had A Real Show Stopper

Have had the penis enlarger for a while now. My member was 15 cm when erect with decent girth but just wanted to have more. My problem was that my best friend is a quick-change artist. That is, in the non-erect state, he is so small I was unable to put the sleeve condoms on. I tried to wear it in the erect state but as soon as he went flaccid it would slip out again, a real show stopper.

I experimented with supplements and *** now ensures that he has constantly better blood flow, so also thicker in the normal state. I could finally pack Him properly and also use the Phallosan Plus+ Stretcher, I now just started using. It’s progressing well but I need a larger diameter for the base… let’s see maybe someone from sales reads this and such a part will be offered soon. Also, putting on the Plus Stretcher is a bit awkward, one would have to design the part so that it can be unfolded. Wearing it is comfortable and sex is hornier if it was worn during the day.

Frederik Schubert
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