It Works!


I started fully and own the Phallosan Plus+ in addition to the Phallosan Forte. The items are, in my opinion, the only medically relevant penis extension system that you can buy on the entire market. The effectiveness is guaranteed and the comfort is extremely high! In addition, there is a professional and very nice service team!

In the beginning, the feeling of the pull on the penis was unusual, but never unpleasant. In the meantime, I didn’t want to miss the feeling, because I know that it is associated with correspondingly positive results. My penis was slightly crooked, after almost 3 months of using Phallosan Forte my penis is now almost straight. It is also a little longer, thicker, harder and more rigid. The sex life of my wife and me has definitely and very much increased! I can recommend it without reservation, even if the price is high… but quality in the medical field has its price!

PS: I am real and a real customer! I was not paid, coerced or forced by anyone to express this opinion! This expression of opinion arises solely from my pen and was written by me freely! I am in no connection with Swiss Sana or employees of this company! My opinion is independent and honest and reflects my (very positive) experiences with Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Plus+.

One last point for men who don’t know if the additional purchase of the Phallosan Plus+ extension still makes sense…. Yes, it makes a lot of sense! I also doubted before whether you need this additional gimmick. In the meantime, I am also fully convinced of it. The traction force acts even more directly on the penis shaft and the wearing comfort pleases me even better than through the pull straps.

PPS: I have never exactly measured the centimeters, even if the Phallosan app requires it. I personally did not like the app so much and I no longer use it. In addition, the measurements are always strongly dependent on the situation and fluctuate accordingly. I can only assure everyone that my penis has already visibly lengthened after just under 3 months of use…. I estimate by 2 cm.

Lucas Müller